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This website offers free physics help for serious students. Under each topic category, concise explanations are given in the form of numbered topics, followed by a large number of related problems and solutions. The problems cover most types of exercises encountered in advanced high school and college physics courses for non-physics majors.

Students are encouraged to read and understand the exercises and solutions and then to write their own solutions. Handing in the downloaded solutions from this website as homeworks is forbidden. To discourage such practices major figures and equations posted on this website are water-marked. In the event that a solution must be copied in its entirety or in part for the use in homeworks, please first get the permission of such hand-copying from the teacher. We also encourage physics teachers to surf this website so that problems with different nuances can be given in homeworks to minimize the problem of straightforward copying.

Between each problem and its solution a space called "Solution Barrier" is installed so that eager students can attack the problem by themselves without the distraction of first seeing the solution. Solution barriers are used to discuss some side issues or to recommend books. Solutions posted on this website emphasize details rather than elegance for the sake of beginning students.

This website is designed to sustain itself financially by recommending books and accepting some advertisements; hopefully the solicitation of donation will not be necessary later on.

The completion of the entire website will take time. When a group of problems are ready, they will be posted immediately so that needy students can access them without delay. Later on "students corner" and "physicists corner" will be launched.